September 27, 2022

A source close to Melania just revealed her humiliation over McCain and Aretha Franklin’s funerals

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Melania Trump should be used to it by now, but a source close to the First Lady says that she is “embarrassed” by her husband’s behavior that led to his being insulted at Aretha Franklin’s and Senator John McCain’s funerals, according to an exclusive report on


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Citing a source with close access to Mrs. Trump, the publication says that Melania was mortified when she heard Reverend Al Sharpton’s statements at the podium at the late Queen of Soul’s funeral service where he indicated that her husband had a lot to learn from Aretha about the meaning of “respect” and slammed the president for his comment that Aretha once “worked for” him.

“Melania feels humiliated and embarrassed by the multiple Donald insults at the Aretha funeral,” the source said. “It makes Melania feel horrible that Donald is not welcome or invited to Aretha’s funeral as well as McCain’s funeral and then to hear about speakers making subtle jabs at her husband while speaking at Aretha’s funeral only makes things worse. Melania wishes more people liked her family and is constantly embarrassed by the public’s opinion of her husband and when people take shots at him and her family, it really stings.”

The article claims that Melania has been attempting to get her husband to dial back his vitriolic rhetoric, obviously embarrassed that his behavior directly flies in the face of her signature campaign to eliminate online bullying.

“Melania is constantly pleading with Donald to choose his words more carefully and tone it down when speaking in public, to the press or even in private,” the anonymous source said. “From the first time Melania heard what Donald said to Billy Bush about grabbing women’s privates to the President’s daily wild tweets, Melania is constantly monitoring, watching and dreading every word her husband speaks or tweets.”

While that description answers many questions about how the First Lady spends most of her days, it doesn’t explain how she endures it all. The article portrays Melania as “living in fear from tweet to tweet.”

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“She fears what he will say next and is tired of the stress of worrying about what he will say or tweet,” the source explained. “Melania has begged him to slow down and be more careful with his words, but she is slowly giving up hope as Donald refuses to listen to her or anyone. He continues to do and say whatever he wants, and it is driving Melania mad.”

Unfortunately, it’s not just Melania who is affected by the president’s despicable behavior, the rest of us have to suffer through it as well, without the perks of being married to a wealthy and powerful, not to mention cruel and delusional, man in the White House.

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