October 6, 2022

The AP just revealed a previously undisclosed detail that explains Trump’s attacks on Bruce Ohr

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While the full scope of the Trump-Russia scandal has to be unveiled in its entirety, it seems increasingly likely that not only did the Trump campaign conspire with Russia to influence the election in his favor, but that Vladimir Putin’s cryptocriminal regime has some kind of compromising material that he is holding over the American president’s head.


Now, a new bombshell revelation indicates that the situation could be far worse than even the most cynical prognosticators expected. According to APJustice Department lawyer Bruce Ohr claims that he was told two years ago by a British spy that Russian intelligence was confident it had Donald Trump “over the barrel.”

Ohr told lawmakers about the conversation earlier this week during a private interview. He explained that while he couldn’t personally vouch for the validity of Steele’s claims himself, Steele had proven to be a reliable source in the past.

Ohr also said that he’d learned that Trump campaign aide Carter Page had secretly met with higher-ranking Russian officials than the aide had admitted.

Ohr’s conversation two years ago was with Christopher Steele, the distinguished British spy who was also responsible for compiling the now-infamous dossier which, amongst other things, alleges the existence of a tape depicting Trump engaged in urine-based sexual play with prostitutes. Ohr and Steele have been friends for over a decade and bonded fittingly over their mutual interests in the details of international organized crime.

Trump has been attacking Ohr constantly for weeks now, vainly attempting to discredit the lawyer. Now, it’s clear why.

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The president is worried about what Ohr knows, and is desperate to undermine his efforts to reveal the truth to the American people. The sheer volume of tweets devoted to Ohr is itself suspicious.

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It cannot be stressed enough how dire this news is. If Russian intelligence really has blackmail material on President Trump strong enough to convince them that they have him “over the barrel” there’s no telling what lengths he will go to please them. Not only is our national security at stake, but our democracy itself. Hopefully, Special Counsel Robert Mueller reveals his findings soon. Time is very much of the essence.

Robert Haffey

Robert Haffey is a political writer, filmmaker, and winner of the ScreenCraft Writing Fellowship. He is a graduate of Drexel University.

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