Sources just leaked the charges prosecutors will bring against Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen

Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s longtime attorney and personal fixer, has quickly become the eye of a raging legal storm that threatens to topple the president’s teetering administration.

Previously, Cohen’s offices were raided by the FBI, then it was revealed he had secretly made recordings of Trump. Both revelations raised speculation that Cohen — who has almost certainly been involved in countless dirty and illicit deals on behalf of the demonstrably corrupt Trump family — could turn witness against the president and spill mountains of dirt to special counsel Robert Mueller. Now, that eventuality seems even more likely.

The Associated Press reports that prosecutors plan to bring charges against Cohen before the end of the month. The anonymous sources close to the investigation that AP spoke to — who weren’t authorized to disclose the information — indicated that the charges could include bank fraud centered around his financial entanglements related to over $20 million in loans related to taxicab businesses.

Investigators have also been digging into Cohen’s involvement in hush money payments to cover up Trump’s extramarital affairs in the leadup to the 2016 election. While it’s unclear if the charges coming down the turnpike will be related to the hush money, it’s possible some of the payments could have constituted campaign finance violations.

NBC News spoke to sources familiar with the prosecutors’ current options. They could bring charges before the end of August. If the prosecutors instead decide they need more time to build their case, they could wait until Election Day on November 6 to indict Cohen. In either case, things are looking increasingly grim for our corrupt commander-in-chief.