Pro-Trump FOX host Geraldo just blindsided Trump with a strong response to Omarosa attack

President Trump set off a firestorm of controversy this morning when he insulted his former aide, Omarosa, and called her a “dog” in response to her releasing a tape in which White House staffers discussed potentially responding to recordings of Donald saying racial slurs.

A surprise defender emerged in the form of longtime FOX host Geraldo Rivera, who tweeted that the president’s behavior was “beneath the dignity of the office of POTUS” and disparaged his use of “intemperate” and “boorish” language.

One might ask where Geraldo has been for the past year and a half, seeing as the President has done nothing but use intemperate and boorish language throughout his presidency  — not to mention being a bully, a backstabber and a big mouth himself.

But it’s very rare to see a member of the President’s personal propaganda network say anything that could be seen as a criticism of Trump, so kudos to Geraldo for stepping up for basic decency.