Trump just attacked Ohio Gov. John Kasich. Kasich humiliated him with his comeback


In his desperation to punish his detractors, Trump took to Twitter to slam his longtime foe, Republican Governor John Kasich of Ohio, blaming him for Ohio’s 12th district congressional candidate Troy Balderson’s only tepid lead against Democrat Danny O’Connor in last week’s election, the results of which are still not finalized.

Kasich did cut an ad for the Republican candidate but tempered his message by claiming that Americans’ disdain for Trump will ultimately hurt his party’s chances at the polls. He said that “it’s likely in the end that Balderson should … be able to win narrowly. But it really doesn’t bode well for the Republican Party because this … shouldn’t even be contested.”

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Trump’s dismal approval rating and Balderson’s razor thin lead in a deep red district only serve to validate Kasich’s claims.

Kasich, for his part, responded to Trump’s tweet with the perfect comeback.


Indeed, Russian President Vladimir Putin, whom American Intelligence officials have declared was responsible for the disinformation campaign intended to sow discord within the United States, would approve of such public friction.

Hillary Clinton hit the nail on the head when she claimed that Putin would prefer to “have a puppet as President of the United States.” It seems now that he got what he wants.

Join millions calling for AG Barr to resign after he defied his constitutional obligations to protect Trump!

Brian Tyler Cohen

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