A very suspicious scandal just rocked Trump’s Kris Kobach in his Kansas Republican governor primary

Kansas Secretary of State and President Trump’s voter suppression czar Kris Kobach is currently locked in a heated gubernatorial primary race with current Kansas Governor Jeff Colyer. Though President Trump has already claimed victory for his chosen champion, Kobach, the actual race is still too close to call — and a new development has just made the waters even muddier.

A “mistake” in the voting totals was just discovered that slices Kobach’s already razor-thin lead in half, bringing his 191 vote advantage down to just 91. The Secretary of State’s website displayed Colyer as having 422 votes in Thomas County while the county’s own elections page displayed him as actually having 522 votes.

While it could be a simple error, the fact that Kobach’s own website just so happened to display this discrepancy in his favor is sure to raise eyebrows around the nation, as will his deeply unethical refusal to recuse himself from overseeing an almost inevitable recount for an election that he’s running in if the final margin is within 0.5% a percentage point.

Somehow, there’s no law preventing him from being in charge of the recount for his own election.

Kobach is notorious for leading the Republican spearhead against voting rights in America, passing some of the strictest voter ID laws (which were then shot down by courts) and purging nearly 20,000 voters from the rolls in Kansas, so it would not be out of character for him to try to interfere in or otherwise influencing the election in his favor.

Mail-in ballots and provisional votes are still being counted, so only time will tell how this ends. But if Kobach loses, it’ll be a huge humiliation for President Trump, who foolishly already congratulated himself for Kobach’s victory.


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