Stephen Colbert just humiliated Alex Jones with a hilarious impression on The Late Show


Yeserday, Alex Jones, the host of the controversial conspiracy theory show InfoWars, was finally – and rightfully – kicked off of a slew of platforms for violating each site’s guidelines regarding violence, hate speech, and harassment.

On cue, Jones decried the moves as “censorship,” despite the fact that InfoWars’ own Terms of Service outline the same consequences for violating rules.

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The Late Show host Stephen Colbert took the opportunity to imitate the red-faced host with his own rendition of InfoWars, entitled Brain Fight with Tuck Buckford.

“If they can de-platform Tuck Buckford, next thing you know they’ll be coming after me for so-called child support which I ‘owe’ to my ‘ex-wife’ who I ‘miss desperately,’” Colbert said as Buckford. “President Trump, I need you to do the right thing, all right? Help Tuck. Venmo me fifty bucks, or China will win the midterms.”

Watch the entire hilarious segment below:


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Brian Tyler Cohen

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