James Comey just waded into Trump’s LeBron feud with a message that will infuriate Trump


Former FBI director James Comey has been a constant thorn in the president’s side from the very beginning of his presidency, perhaps wishing to atone for his pivotal if questionably “misguided” role in ensuring Trump won the White House in the first place.

Nevertheless, it was Comey’s refusal to pledge loyalty to the President and his subsequent firing that to the opening of the Mueller investigation into the Donald Trump campaign and all involved in it — and he’s become a symbol of the resistance to Trump ever since.

Always looking for an opportunity to take shots at the President who ended his career and disgraced the office he served, Comey waded into the feud between Donald Trump and NBA superstar LeBron James on Monday morning with a tweet that is sure to send the President into a paroxysm of rage.

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The #IPromise in his tag refers to LeBron James’ newly opened I Promise school for underprivileged kids, which will provide free tuition, two free meals a day, free transportation, and other needed benefits for the kids who get to attend.

Comey’s words of praise for Lebron, also known as “King” James for his unparalleled skill on the basketball court, provoke a sharp contrast with the actual “leader” of our nation, Donald Trump, who has yet to show any of the qualities that Comey praises in LeBron.


Far from helping anyone other than himself, President Trump exploits the service of others for political gain and had his own charitable foundation shut down while the state of New York investigates it for serious financial misconduct, including money laundering and tax evasion.

Since taking office, the President has feuded with everyone from the grieving widow of fallen Green Berets to the Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect; instead of showing any kind of “class,” he’s chosen to gleefully plunge headfirst into the swamp of pettiness and vindictiveness when dealing with his critics every single time.

As far as leadership goes, he’s spent his entire year and a half in office working to divide the nation at every opportunity, fostering resentment, fear, and hatred against people of color and the media on behalf of his white nationalist agenda.

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Demonizing Hispanics as murderous animals, the media as the “enemy of the state,” and black NFL players as lazy “sons of bitches,” the closest thing leadership Trump has shown has been to blow dog-whistles for white supremacists and neo-Nazis, who are marching in public in greater numbers than ever before.  

The difference between LeBron and Trump couldn’t be any greater, and we applaud Comey for putting the contrast on display for the whole nation to see.

Join millions calling for AG Barr to resign after he defied his constitutional obligations to protect Trump!

Natalie Dickinson

Natalie is a staff writer for the Washington Press. She graduated from Oberlin College in 2010 and has been freelance blogging and writing for progressive outlets ever since.