Ana Navarro just said what everybody’s thinking about Trump’s feud with LeBron


The president’s burgeoning feud with NBA superstar LeBron James is causing a stir on social media as a weary and frustrated American public once again grapples with the sight of an unabashed racist insulting and demeaning a prominent African-American over the gentlest of criticisms.

Last night, Trump took to Twitter and raged about how King James sat down with CNN’s Don Lemon and announced that he would refuse to sit down to talk with Trump should the opportunity arise because of his “divisive” rabble-rousing against NFL player protests.

Rather than letting the remark go and focusing on LeBron James’ incredible new school for underprivileged youths, the president of the United States decided to insult and demean the intelligence of one of CNN’s most prominent black anchors and a black NBA superstar in a racist tirade that turned heads across the nation.

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Fiery responses came flying back from all those involved and from those observing from afar, including a surprising statement from the President’s own wife that sided with LeBron.

But nobody summed the ridiculous incident as well as CNN contributor Ana Navarro, a NeverTrump Republican who took to Twitter to say what everyone was thinking after seeing Donald Trump embark on yet another one of his interminable, racially-charged feuds with prominent celebrities who refuse to lick his boots.


A very good question we’d all like an answer to!


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