Trump’s Press Secretary just gave the lamest excuse for his weird remarks about needing ID to buy groceries

During yesterday’s riotous Trump rally in Tampa, Florida, the President of the United States made the ridiculous claim that you need to show identification in order to buy groceries as part of a poorly conceived attempt to call for stricter voter ID laws, which are used to suppress voters and keep minorities and the poor from exercising their constitutional rights.

The clip immediately went viral on social media as disgusted citizens mocked his statement for its obvious absurdity, but to be fair, seeing as Donald Trump was born with a silver spoon jammed into his mouth, it’s unclear if he’s ever had to actually purchase groceries for himself and doesn’t know if you have to show a “picture on a card” or not.

During this afternoon’s press conference, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders dutifully tried to explain away her boss’s ridiculous statements with the worst excuse: he just meant alcohol!

While that is true, it’s obvious that the president did not mean to say “beer and wine” or else he would have said that.

Why he brought it up at all while discussing voter ID doesn’t make any sense at all, and can only be taken as further evidence of his rapidly degenerating mental faculties.