Trump keeps saying “collusion” isn’t a crime. A top former FBI official just gave him a reality check

This morning, the President repeated his lawyer Rudy Giuliani’s assertion that colluding with foreign agents — like those of, say, the Russian Federation — isn’t a crime.

Desperately attempting to post his way to innocence, the President is trying to have his cake and eat it too, seeing as just two days ago he argued that collusion was, in fact, a crime, as long it was being committed by Hillary Clinton or Democrats.

Seeing as the president is in need of some instruction on the matter, former FBI chief of staff Chuck Rosenberg went on MSNBC to deliver a message to the president and his legal team that they all need to hear.

“Collusion is a crime. We just happen to call it something else, we call it conspiracy, but it is absolutely a crime…You probably won’t find the crime bank heist in the criminal code but bank robbery is a crime too, and so I am sort of perplexed that it has come down to synonyms” said a frustrated Rosenberg.

“If these folks don’t know that collusion and conspiracy are synonyms for one another and this is a legal strategy, then they might want to consider changing horses in this race.”

The president can cry collusion all he wants, but that’s not going to sway a judge or jury one bit, nor will it change the crimes listed in the United States legal code. No matter how much he rewrite the narrative and convince his followers that he’s innocent, the truth is going to come out — and judging from the vigor that the president is protesting, we can all tell who’s really guilty here.