Trump’s Secretary of State just made a very telling Freudian slip about Trump in today’s Senate hearing


During today’s Senate hearing, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had a very telling Freudian slip that says a lot about how the Trump administration sees itself as a political institution.

In response to a question from Oregon’s Jeff Merkley, Pompeo refers to the Trump administration as a “regime,” a word used to describe authoritarian or otherwise oppressive and undemocratic governments:

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While in all likelihood he simply got his words mixed up, the Trump administration has certainly been behaving more like an authoritarian regime than any other government the United States has ever seen.

Where to even start? President Trump has used official White House communications to attack political rivals and fan the flames of xenophobia, has been accused of purging federal agencies of disloyal officials, sold cabinet seats to the highest bidder, appointed his daughter and her husband to top administration roles and then looked the other way as Jared Kushner used his position to benefit his family’s company,

He’s spent the majority of the past two years attacking the free press and promoting his equivalent of a state-run propaganda network while lying over 3,000 times since taking office. He’s used federal law enforcement agencies to unleash a reign of terror against vulnerable minority populations, who he’s thrown in concentration camps to be sexually abused and separated thousands of children from their families, some never to see their parents again.


If the Trump administration isn’t an authoritarian regime, it’s certainly not for lack of trying.

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