FOX News just stunned Trump with unexpected response to his banning a CNN reporter from a press conference


The White House set off a firestorm of controversy this afternoon when they banned CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins from attending a press conference held by President Trump and EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker because she dared to ask “inappropriate” questions of our thin-skinned President.

Sadly, this kind of behavior is expected from the president at this point. What was very unexpected was seeing the President’s personal propaganda network, FOX News, jumping to her defense.

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In a statement, FOX News announced that they “firmly” stand with CNN as a fellow member of the White House press pool. “We stand in strong solidarity with CNN for the right to full access for our journalists as part of a free and unfettered press,” said FOX News president Jay Wallace in a statement.

FOX Anchor Bret Baier also chose to use his show to issue a message of support for Collins.


Not everyone at FOX got the memo, however, as cantankerous Trump supporter Lou Dobbs used his show to celebrate the attack on CNN: “My question is, who the hell are you. The president does insist on respect. It’s about time there were consequences for disrespectful behavior in the White House!” complained Dobbs, whose remarks were more in line with what we were expecting from FOX.

While FOX News is still a cancer on our nation that has spent decades of pumping toxic racial resentment, poor-shaming propaganda and outright lies to the American people, it is somewhat refreshing to see FOX News to take a stand against the president’s war on the free press and remind the President that their support is conditional.

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