March 29, 2023

An American white supremacist organization just called for the South to ally with Russia

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The malignant hydra of right-wing white supremacist fascism is on the rise across the world, and it is with horror that we watch its myriad, scattered heads begin to work together.

An Alabama-based white supremacist organization, the League of the South, has just announced that they will be launching a Russian language website in order to promote the “natural similarities” between American white supremacists and Russian fascists.

The group’s leader, Michael Hill, posted a letter to their website entitled “To our Russian friends.” 

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We understand that the Russian people and Southerners are natural allies in blood, culture, and religion. As fellow Whites of northern European extraction, we come from the same general gene pool. As inheritors of the European cultural tradition, we share similar values, customs, and ways of life. And as Christians, we worship the same Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and our common faith binds us as brothers and sisters.

A firm and resolute understanding and commitment to cooperation between the Russian people and the people of the South could indeed be the foundation for a better world in which our peoples thrive and prosper far into the future.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has designated the League of the South as a hate group. Founded in 1994, their ultimate goal is for the South to rise again, secede from the Union, and to purge their territory of Jews and minorities. To achieve those goals, they have formed a paramilitary militia called “the Indomitables.”

Vladimir Putin’s bizarre hodgepodge of white supremacy, Russian nationalism, Soviet nostalgia and fascist personality worship is very attractive to American hate groups, for obvious reasons. We cannot sit back and allow the forces of hate and discrimination to join forces across continents.

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