October 6, 2022

Michael Avenatti just made a bombshell announcement about presidential run in 2020

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Having represented porn star Stormy Daniels amid her legal battles with Trump, Los Angeles attorney Michael Avenatti told Newsweek he would run for president in 2020 if there is no one else in the race he believes can beat the president. 


Avenatti said he is still a long way from deciding whether to run or not, but if he does get into the race he “absolutely” believes he could beat Trump, adding that he think he “would be [Trump’s] worst nightmare.”

To mark his latest shocker, Avenatti tweeted out the cover of today’s New York Daily News and added his belief that it will take a special brand of candidate to beat Trump.

In his series of tweets about his consideration of running for the nation’s highest office, Avenatti said he would only run if Trump is an actual candidate in 2020 and if there is no challenger who he believes has the ability to win what will be a tough fight. 

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Avenatti is not concerned that he has no political background and has never held an elective office because Trump himself came to the job with no such experience. 

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Avenatti believes that only someone who will go as low and get as tough as Trump can win, and he is sending the message he is that kind of guy.

Whoever runs, Avenatti expects it to be a close, tough battle that will go down to the wire.

He told Newsweek, “I think it would be an extremely contentious campaign, no holds barred, and very close.”

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Avenatti suggested that he is putting himself out there because the potential other Democratic challengers he sees edging toward the starting line do not impress him with their ability to take on Trump and to be just as tough and down and dirty as the president will be.

“Some of the establishment candidates that I have heard my run,” Avenatti told Newsweek, “they may be able to get through the primary, but they will be crushed by Mr. Trump come the general election.”

“If people believe that some traditional, weak-kneed career politician can beat this guy,” continued Avenatti, “they’re fooling themselves and setting themselves up for a repeat of 2016”

For all his bluster, Avenatti insists that he would be a reluctant candidate. He says in another tweet he has been urged to run for other offices besides the presidency, but apparently wants to start at the top or not at all.

Avenatti, who admits he did not grow up rich like Trump, has shown in his work with Daniels and more recently on the border that he is not afraid to put himself out there and face the heat from the many critics, especially Trump supporters. 

This makes the run-up to 2020 that much more interesting.

Benjamin Locke

Benjamin Locke is a retired college professor with an undergraduate degree in Industrial Labor and Relations from Cornell University and an MBA from the European School of Management.

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