Anti-Trump Republicans just unveiled a powerful Fourth of July surprise for Trump fans


Fox News viewers are going to face some major cognitive dissonance tomorrow when a new ad from starts running on the channel just in time for Independence Day.

The conflicting emotions will be inspired by the sight and sounds of the man considered a virtual saint by conservative Republican Fox News viewers, former President Ronald Reagan, delivering a powerful message of exactly how to “make America great again,” while extolling the positive values that immigration brings to our nation.

To have the historic conservative victor who ushered in an era of increasingly concentrated power and wealth to the wealthiest Americans contradict the Trump-inspired anti-immigrant propaganda that Fox News now airs on a constant basis is a reminder of how quickly the modern GOP has been co-opted by Trump’s racist white supremacist values out of political expediency and opportunism.

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It also demonstrates the collapse of any shared values that formerly bridged the divide between conservatives and progressives in the pre-Trump era.

The ad, which combines scenes of Reagan giving his speech on immigration at Ellis Island, the historic New York City entry point for millions of people entering America for the first time, with images of immigrants working in fields, waving American flags, and holding babies, serves as a potent reminder of the tagline at the spot’s end: Immigrants Have Always Made America Great.

Even more confusing for the Fox News viewers who turn on their TVs and see this ad tomorrow is the fact that the organization that created and paid for the public service announcement is a run by conservative Republicans who have retained the moral high ground as Trump has slowly infiltrated the party they once thought they knew and who have an understanding of the practical value of immigration as farmers desperately seek workers willing to handle the back-breaking labor of harvesting their crops.


You can get an advance peek at the head-spinning pro-immigration spot in the video clip below, courtesy of Bill Kristol, the “never-Trump” editor of The Weekly Standard.

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