September 27, 2022

John Legend just broke the internet with a beautiful tweet about his wife’s anti-Trump activism

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Singer John Legend is justifiably proud of his wife, the model and cookbook author Chrissy Teigen.


He is particularly proud of her ability to make an impassioned speech in front of thousands of activists at the Los Angeles edition of the Families Belong Together marches this past Saturday, all while holding their newborn baby Miles in her arms the whole time.

His pride inspired the talented performer and musician to go on Twitter to circulate a video of her speech and declare his love for her.

While Legend’s tweet originally linked to a now-deleted video clip of his wife’s speech at the march, we’ve found another version for you to watch.

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Who wouldn’t love a woman with the intelligence to draft such a moving, relatable, and well-drafted speech? With the strength and fortitude to devote her day to activism so soon after the birth of her weeks-old child?

As the daughter of an immigrant mother from Thailand, Teigen has personal reasons to be dedicated to fighting for immigrant rights, and her vision of an America augmented and improved by the people who struggle and dream to remake their lives here is a compelling one.

Her condemnation of the demonization of immigrants by President Trump and his Fox News propaganda machine was heartfelt and needed to be heard.

And while her impersonation of the president may not be as good as Alec Baldwin’s, her willingness to speak truth to power and her dedication to continuing the resistance to Trump’s immoral policies ensure that she and her loving husband will be a welcome sight at progressive marches and rallies for as long as they are necessary.

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