January 29, 2023

Jim Carrey just called out every complicit Republican over Trump’s treason with a damning new painting

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Jim Carrey is a celebrity for a lot of reasons — for being a hilarious comedian, for being a talented actor, and, most recently, for being an insightful and darkly satirical political artist.


With a progressive bent to his definitively anti-Trump politics, Carrey rarely draws a political cartoon that flatters any member of the Republican party or the Trump administration.

Carrey made an exception today, however, with the religiously inspired portrait of Deputy Attorney General, and registered Republican, Rod Rosenstein.

Rosenstein endured the angry and insinuating questioning from members of his own party this week in his testimony before the House Judiciary Committee, as Republican representatives grandstanded to demonstrate their loyalty to President Trump by pressing Rosenstein to jeopardize Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into the Trump campaign’s collusion with Russia by disclosing confidential documents while the probe is still underway.

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As Judiciary Committee members like Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) threatened him, Rosenstein held his cool and even scored points by demonstrating the congressman’s own ignorance of the matters he was questioning.

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It was this performance that earned the Deputy Attorney General the thanks (and the saintly portrayal) from Carrey in the drawing he posted to Twitter today.

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As far as Carrey’s hopes for other Republicans go, remember that despite President Trump’s constant referral to the team investigating his treasonous misdeeds as “12 Angry Democrats,” Robert Mueller is also a registered Republican, albeit of the antique, pre-Trump variety, an endangered species if there ever was one.

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