July 7, 2022

Insiders just revealed the unbelievable question Melania asked concentration camp kids at the border

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Melania Trump will do literally anything she can to physically distance herself from her bloated orange benefactor, even going so far as to make two utterly useless visits to the children her husband ripped from their families and caged at the American border.


On Thursday, Melania Trump wandered down to Arizona to visit a facility that houses 121 children, 81 of whom were separated from their parents by her husband’s cruel policy.

Melania, unlike her husband, is bilingual, but that doesn’t mean she has any grasp on tact in the American vernacular. Instead of comforting the children, or even lying and claiming that her husband is in any way working to rectify the atrocities to which these children are subject, Melania re-upped the Laura Ingraham claim that the concentration camps are like summer camps and had the audacity to ask the children if they’ve made any friends yet.

That’s right, the woman with the golden toilet who just last week wore a Zara jacket bearing the phrase “I really don’t care, do u?” en route to engage with her first wave of migrant children tried to gaslight the caged babies by ensuring them their entrapment could be fun.

According to the CNN report, Melania visited a U.S. Customs and Border Patrol facility before heading to the Southwest Key Campbell shelter for kids. The First Lady spent time with children who were separated into different rooms.

Classroom number one boasted a mix-gendered assembly of children approximately 5 years old. Melania, ever the wordsmith, reportedly greeted them by saying, “Hi! How are you?” as the children did arts and crafts.

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That’s when she dropped the most important question she ever asked that wasn’t written on the back of a jacket – “Did you make friends?” She reportedly repeated the question in the second room, with a wider range of kids from 5 to 7.

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Another room she visited was occupied with babies and toddlers. Some of those babies were held with their mothers, but only because those mothers were minors themselves. The other babies had been separated from their parents. One of the mothers told Melania that she and her 14-month-old baby had been in the center for 12 days, according to CNN.

The major problem with Melania’s line of questions, just like her jacket’s message from last week, is the indifference to the suffering of these children. Asking if kids have “made friends” is a generic question one might ask children who appear at a photo-op or some press junket – it’s wholly inappropriate to ask of children who might never see their family again.

She might not have warn the jacket this time, but her actions suggest the same sentiment – she really doesn’t care, but we all notice because we do.

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Salvatore Nicholas

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