The Deputy Attorney General just publicly humiliated a Tea Partier for throwing tantrum about Mueller [WATCH]

House Republicans are abusing their oversight powers to interfere in the Special Counsel Office’s investigation of Russia’s election attacks and it just led to a superheated exchange in the House Judiciary Committee between a Tea Party jerk and the Deputy Attorney General overseeing Robert Mueller and his probe into the President’s alleged collusion with Russia during the 2016 election. (video below)

Just last month, Deputy AG Rosenstein had to publicly declare that the Department of Justice will not be extorted. But members of the House GOP caucus apparently missed his memo and are resorting to threatening both Rosenstein and FBI with contempt of Congress.

Even former Republican Speaker of the House and fellow Ohioan, John Boehner, calls Tea Party Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) a “legislative terrorist,” and today he turned his energies towards the top of American law enforcement, raising his voice to a fever pitch, nakedly threatening Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein with imprisonment.

Immediately afterward in a party-line vote, House Republicans passed a resolution demanding that the Department of Justice hand over investigatory materials to House Intel Chairman Rep. Devin Nunes, who is under investigation himself as a member of the Trump Transition team.

House GOP lawmakers have been working hard to gum up the works of the Mueller investigation for over a year by demanding investigatory information and specious investigations.

Then, two weeks ago, the DOJ’s Inspector General released a lengthy report about the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails, which revealed that Donald Trump’s campaign was awarded precious official silence, while leaks and odd circumstances surrounded Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

But the Inspector General’s report didn’t find any partisan bias in the operation of the investigations into the Trump Campaign, so it was a dud to the GOP.

That’s why Republicans are taking out their anger on the top officials investigating President Trump and abusing their oversight powers to demand records that would help them fight Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation.

“It has been my experience that investigators are never even asked to produce documents related to an ongoing criminal investigation,” said House Judiciary Committee member Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) after Jordan’s theatrics were over, correctly explaining the normal operation of law enforcement, which House Republicans are determined to obstruct at every turn.

Unfortunately for Rep. Jordan, he’s relying on conservative propaganda outlets rather than real news sources for his information, which led to this exchange where he angrily chided the Deputy AG for supposedly “threatening” to subpoena phone calls from the House Intel Committee.

Deputy AG Rosenstein and FBI Director Wray both told the House Judiciary panel that they have diverted resources to handle the frivolous Republican requests and are handing over everything that isn’t confidential investigatory materials.

However, Republicans won’t be satisfied until they’ve ended the investigation into Donald Trump and his extensive Russian relationships which led him on the path to the GOP nomination and into the White House.

Just watch the House Judiciary Panel and gallery laugh at Rep. Jordan, it’s at 1:30:

Watch the testy exchange between the Tea Party jerk and the Deputy Attorney General overseeing Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation:

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