A Capital Gazette reporter just went viral with an inspiring announcement following today’s massacre

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In the wake of the tragic murder of at least five people and wounding of untold others in the offices of the Capital Gazette today, one reporter stuck a defiant tone meant to tell the 39-year-old murderer and others, haters, that they there will never be enough bullets to stop a free press.  

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Cook, who covers the Maryland General Assembly for the newspaper, was sending a message to those who have taken to attacking the media and journalists with claims that they publish fake news when most of what they print or put online is simply information that person, party or company does not agree with and doesn’t want to see disseminated.

Since Cook’s statement, authorities have identified the shooter as Jarrod Ramos, 38, of Laurel, Maryland, who had previously attempted to sue the newspaper and developed a murderous obsession with the publication after the lawsuit was tossed out.

Being the world-class phony that he is, Trump tweeted about the deadly incident and said his thoughts were with the victims and their families.

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Notice there is nothing about the journalists who were terrorized, or his role in creating an aura of hatred around all newspapers, TV and radio stations, online outlets and others who toil for low wages to make sure the public is properly informed around the clock, that gave this mentally unstable killer the feeling he had a license to murder. 

Maybe Trump, like the pseudo-journalists and non-journalists (I am looking at you Sean Hannity) at Fox News, thinks violence against those who don’t agree with them is acceptable.


A Fox reporter today commented that he was surprised it happened there because they aren’t all that liberal, meaning “they did not deserve this.”

This is the attitude of the same bunch of phonies who call for civility when Sarah Sanders is asked to leave a Virginia restaurant but think nothing of denying minorities, gays, immigrants and yes, journalists,  their human rights. 

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These are tough times for journalists without having someone shoot at you. Hundreds of newspapers have gone under, taking with them the reporting resources to keep crooked politicians and greedy businessmen from doing their worst to gyp and trick everyone.

TV stations have been consolidated into groups 4un by Fascists like Sinclair who forced the journalists to tow the conservative party line or face unemployment.

Around the world, the number of journalists who are being attacked, murdered, threatened and bullied by corrupt governments for doing their job is rising as fast as the hot air – over 80 in 2017 –  and lies emanating on a daily basis from the authoritarian governments, including ours, are a big reason for that.

So to Chase Cook and those other surviving journalists in Annapolis, and to the journalist everywhere who work for too little, pout in too many hours, try their best to be fair, and still face stinging criticism, a salute for fighting the good fight. 

It may help Trump to blame the media for his own faults, as he has admitted he does, but the result is very dangerous and the only thing worse would be the loss of the press and media protected by the First Amendment. 

Benjamin Locke

Benjamin Locke is a retired college professor with an undergraduate degree in Industrial Labor and Relations from Cornell University and an MBA from the European School of Management.

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