Justice Kennedy just made bombshell announcement about Supreme Court retirement


More terrible news from the Supreme Court – Justice Anthony Kennedy has abandoned America.

More formally, Kennedy is retiring from the Supreme Court.

Many news outlets are choosing to paint Kennedy in a positive light, acknowledging the work he did to grant LGBTQ Americans the ability to be considered people. Of course, he also allowed for endless corporate dollars to pour into the American election cycle.

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While the man has made some good choices, he has also made some terrible ones – the worst decision of his career occurring on June 27th, 2018.

Former employees on Capitol Hill have the audacity humanize Kennedy’s decision, a decision that puts the rights of workers, a woman’s right to choose, and marriage equality on life support as early as the day he walks out of a position that he has held for more than 30 years. They point to his grandchildren, whom he supposedly adores, and wishes to be able to spend more time with at 82-years-old.

What he fails to acknowledge are the rest of the country’s grandchildren who will be saddled with the disastrous rulings that a Supreme Court led by two of Trump’s worst conspirators.


Some on Capitol Hill also point to his age and what he has “given up” while working into his golden years, a laughable excuse when one considers that liberal stalwart Ruth Bader Ginsburg is 85 and refuses to step down while Trump is in power.

Kennedy deserves no further acknowledgement of his career, as any good decision the man has made was obliterated with Wednesday’s announcement.

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Salvatore Nicholas

Salvatore is a producer, political writer, comedian and LGBTQ activist (in no particular order). He resides in Los Angeles with his two cats and encyclopedic knowledge of Britney's discography.