One of Trump’s 2016 Russian accomplices just trolled him in a humiliating way (VIDEO)


Donald Trump’s favorite Russian pop star just released a video openly trolling the President for his hotly debated night in a Moscow hotel during Miss Universe 2013 which has touched off global speculation. (video embedded below)

Emin Agalarov is the son of a Russian real estate oligarch who signed a deal to build a Trump Tower Moscow 2013 after they brought Miss Universe to their Crocus City development.  Emin goes by his first name in the music world, and his publicist Rob Goldstone helped him set up an infamous meeting with the Don Jr. and the entire Trump Campaign inner circle during the 2016 election, with a Russian agent offering dirt on Hillary Clinton.

Now, Emin just released a thumb-in-your-eye video lampooning the Trump-Russia scandal in general, and about the notorious “pee tape” at the heart of ex-MI-6 agent Christopher Steele’s dossier about Trump’s trip to Moscow during the Miss Universe pageant.

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It’s an unusually listenable musical track by Emin’s standards, but with fairly forgettable lyrics, but hilarious parodies of Stormy Daniels, Hillary Clinton, Ivanka Trump and of course his own manager, Rob Goldstone, the flamboyant (possibly) 400-lb. guy that Donald Trump claimed hacked the DNC at the September 26th, 2016 presidential debate.

Emin’s video is a bizarre fairy tale, combining elements of reality like his real-life association with Trump and his favorite daughter Ivanka, and fiction like drinking games with Hillary Clinton and Stormy Daniels.

Donald Trump appeared in another Emin music video in 2013 after Miss Universe, and later wished him a “happy 35th birthday,” which the Russian musician is fond of replaying, including at the end of this video.


It’s really impossible to read too deeply into the content of Emin’s video as much more than a cry for attention in an otherwise failing musical career, propped up by a gusher of cash from his Russian oligarch daddy, Aras Agalarov.

But it is entertaining, which is more than can be said for most of Emin’s musical output, and as always, the production values are high.

Watch Emin’s complete video mocking Donald Trump’s pee tape problem here:

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Grant Stern

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