Melania just announced another trip to the border. Ana Navarro’s response is beyond epic


First Lady Melania Trump announced today that she would be making another trip to visit the internment camps where her husband has stashed the immigrant children he had ICE snatch from their asylum-seeking parents at the border.

Not content with the controversy that she spawned when she wore a jacket emblazoned with the slogan “I really don’t care. Do U?” on her last such outing, the third Mrs. Trump is daring to venture back into the public arena despite the packs of angry Rep. Maxine Waters-inspired protestors whom Fox News is predicting will now be lurking on every corner ready to denounce the administration’s enablers whenever they dare show their faces.

CNN contributor and Trump-hating Republican Ana Navarro saw the announcement of Melania’s mission of mercy (or of at least some merciful absence from her husband) and tweeted out the most perfectly obvious response that we all wish we had thought of first.

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Well, except for the outrage over the fact that the stolen children are still in these detention camps and still separated from their parents, no, actually.

Thanks for asking though, Ana.


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