Trump just pulled the most pathetic stunt to insult Justin Trudeau at tonight’s rally


If you need additional proof that President Trump is purposefully advancing Russian President Vladimir Putin’s self-serving agenda of destroying America’s relationship with our closest allies — whether because of some salacious and incriminating dossier material that the Russians may be blackmailing him with or just for the pure fun and evil of it all — look no further than the anecdote tweeted out today by the New York Times White House correspondent Maggie Haberman

Haberman revealed exactly how the President refers to his smarter and better-looking counterpart, the man who leads Canada, our northern neighbor, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

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With hands that small, Trump is intimately familiar with the concept of diminishment, and it’s only natural that a 72-year-old overweight and out of shape man with all the mental decline that goes along with aging would be exceedingly jealous of a young, handsome, vibrant, athletic, intelligent, (did I say handsome already?) 46-year-old Canadian Prime Minister with no history of bankruptcies, failed marriages, adulterous relationships, pathological lying, or any other of President Trump’s excess baggage and liabilities.

With rumors circulating that Trudeau may be considering a unique idea for retaliating against Trump’s unilateral imposition of tariffs on our long-standing trading partner as part of the president’s obsession with waging a trade war on every nation in the world and their “very unfair!” trading practices, Trump may need to find a new name by which to address Prime Minister Trudeau.

If. as some foreign critics have suggested, Trudeau goes ahead with imposing sanctions against Trump’s personal property and investments in Canada, investments that the president should have divested before he took office according to ethics rules that anticipated a situation such as this, Trump may soon be calling Mr. Trudeau “Sir,” as in “Yes, sir!” or “Thank you, sir!” or “Please, sir, may I have my hotel and golf courses back?”


Meanwhile, as he insults Prime Minister Trudeau with by refusing to properly address him by his title as diplomatic protocol requires, Trump continues to refer to North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, another source of envy for the president jealous of Kim’s unchecked power as president for life, as “Chairman Kim.”

Haberman’s description of Trump’s pettiness and malice towards one of our closest allies demonstrates why Trump needs to be removed from office as soon as possible before he damages America’s reputation — and our economy — any further than he already has.

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All of which is a prelude to our regular exhortation to make sure that you and everyone you know gets to the polls in November and votes for the Democrats so that we can end the insanity that Trump and the Republicans have wrought upon this nation.

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