Trump just demanded “total transparency” on Twitter. John Legend’s response is everything


Singer John Legend couldn’t believe his eyes.

Here was President Trump in one of his daily tweets attacking the team investigating his campaign’s collusion with Russia to win the 2016 election, as well as his obstruction of the said investigation, demanding total transparency!

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In case you haven’t been following the story very closely, Peter Strzok is the FBI agent who was assigned to investigate Hillary Clinton’s trumped-up email scandal and who worked as part of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team for one month last year.

He expressed anti-Trump sentiments in text messages that he sent to his girlfriend who was also working on the investigation and was accused of bias by the president as a method of discrediting the entire Mueller probe.

Now, Trump and his congressional allies are calling for an investigation into Strzok to at least slow, if not stop completely, the momentum that the Mueller Probe has amassed, and Trump is calling for a public hearing with “total transparency!”


John Legend read the tweet incredulously and sent back the only appropriate reply he could imagine.

President “I’ll show you my taxes when the audit is done” Trump’s commitment to transparency is a relatively recent phenomenon, dating back to at least 4:37 PM this afternoon. And it’s selective, applying to everyone except himself, his family, and his Republican party.

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John Legend’s polite entreaty to Trump is something that every citizen in the United States should be shouting from their rooftops on a daily basis. Just don’t fool yourself into thinking that Trump will ever comply with the request until he’s forced to.

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