Sean Spicer asked Michael Avenatti to be guest on new show. His brutal response is going viral


Michael Avenatti may be a crusading attorney fighting hard to win the case that Stormy Daniels filed against Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen and battling to reunite children separated from their refugee parents, but don’t ever accuse him of not having a sense of humor.

Avenatti was approached to appear in the pilot episode of a new talk show to be hosted by none other than former White House Press Secretary and momentary blip on the public consciousness Sean Spicer.

Spicer is best remembered for Melissa McCarthy’s devastating impression of him on Saturday Night Live and for his repeated insistence on the veracity of an obvious lie about the size of President Trump’s …uhm, crowd, yes, crowd, that’s it (oh, and hands too) at his very first White House press briefing immediately after the thinly-attended inauguration.

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The talk show which has the working title of Sean Spicer’s Common Ground is being developed and shopped to TV stations by the companies behind shows such as “Family Feud,” “American Chopper,” and The Wendy Williams Show,” and is expected to tape its pilot in July.

As a political newsmaker and a ubiquitous presence on cable news programs, Michael Avenatti was approached as the perfect guest to book for the pilot by the series’ producers to make a big splash with the stations they hope to sell the show to.

Avenatti decided that he had more important things to take care of than to help rehabilitate the public image of Sean Spicer as he tries to transition to a lucrative career in the private sector world of what someone imagines will be considered entertainment.


It was Avenatti’s announcement on Twitter of his decision to forego this particular opportunity that provided him with the chance to demonstrate a wicked wit as he marvelously lampooned Spicer while he rejected the appearance.

Thanks for considering it, Mr. Avenatti. It would have been one for the record books for sure.

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But you’re right, don’t overexpose yourself.

Hold out for a slot in the surely upcoming Ken Burns documentary on the taking down of the Trump presidency. We hear that you’re going for a starring role.

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