Trump just tried to cripple judicial branch with dangerous, stunning tweet


Donald Trump’s assault on America’s constitutional foundation in the rule of law was made apparent yet again today with the president’s latest tweetstorm of racially charged immigration propaganda.

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While right-wing Trump advocates decry the comparisons made by many sentient and politically-aware Americans between the actions of the Trump administration and various totalitarian and authoritarian governments, it is impossible to deny that Trump’s call for the elimination of the judicial process in the conduct of implementing immigration policy is an authoritarian power grab that undermines the entire American system of government based on the separation of powers between the executive, the legislative and the judicial branches

Trump’s attempts to rule by imperial fiat and his rabble-rousing calls for support from his base of disgruntled and discontented followers so clearly imitates the trajectory of the rise of Nazi-ism in post-World War I Germany that the charge has moved beyond the realm of a politically motivated cliche to a real and present (and frankly terrifying) danger to our society.

It’s easy to remain fearful of being perceived as a “chicken little” figure, always crying that the sky is falling, but when the pieces start falling on everyone’s head, such self-reflection is a luxury that we cannot afford.


In addition to his call for the undermining of the rule of law, Trump also advocates for a merit-based system of immigration that would have prevented the ancestors of a majority of the American people from ever being able to become citizens, in a repudiation of the values that are inscribed on the Statue of Liberty.

Unfortunately, the one place that a merit-based system would actually be useful, the 2016 presidential election, did not have such a system in place, and we are now faced with dealing with the consequences of that systemic failure.

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