Sanders complained she was refused service. Ana Navarro’s response is breaking the internet


It’s been a bad week for Trump administration officials attempting to eat in Washington DC area restaurants as public anger over the president’s draconian immigration enforcement policies boiled over like an unmonitored pot of oatmeal on the stove.

After both Secretary of Homeland Security Kristjen Neilsen and White House advisor Stephen Miller were confronted by indignant activists while dining at restaurants serving the food from the countries of origin of the people whom they are detaining, White House press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her family were told that they were not welcome at The Red Hen, a restaurant in Virginia, by the eatery’s owner who objected to Sander’s role as the enabler and amplifier of the president’s constant barrage of lies.

The incident created a huge stir on social media, with Sanders’ right-wing supporters indignantly crying discrimination as their normally unassailable white privilege was seen to be under attack.

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CNN’s Ana Navarro, one of the remaining old-school, “never-Trump” Republicans, put the controversy into perspective with her reaction to the story which she posted on Twitter.

Navarro’s perceptive distinction between biologically-determined sexual orientation and a person’s freely-chosen decision to spread intentional falsehoods to support a morally unacceptable agenda perfectly encapsulates the hypocrisy of the Trumpublicans as they attempt to apply one set of standards for their own behavior while setting aside those standards when it comes to everyone else.


Unfortunately, people who think like Ana Navarro are few and far between in the Republican party these days.

As more and more formerly moderate Republicans jump on the Trump gravy train in a frenzy of opportunistic self-interest, people who were formerly considered the party’s intellectual leaders, like conservative columnist George Will and former McCain campaign manager Steve Schmidt, are abandoning the party in revulsion towards the mendacious and racist regime it has transformed into under this president and urging other like-minded party members alienated from the current establishment to vote for Democrats in the midterms as the only way to prevent Trump from destroying the party as they knew it.

While it may feel exceedingly strange for progressives to join forces with the likes of George Will and other Trump-opposing Republicans, in these times of constitutional crisis, it must be remembered that the enemy of your enemy is your friend…at least until the battle is over.

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