Sanders complained about her restaurant ejection. Ted Lieu’s response just went viral


With the level of anger at the Trump administration continuing to grow over its immoral and heartless response to the nation’s immigration concerns, the complicit toadies who enable the president’s policies are finding it difficult to eat in public restaurants without facing the consequences of their support for the betrayal of American values.

Congressman Ted Lieu (D-CA) has also spent some time this weekend dining out in his home district in Southern California, yet his reputation as a staunch opponent of the Trump administration immigration policies provided him with a quite different experience than that of the Trump enablers.

He described that difference quite succinctly in a tweet this morning.

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Representative Lieu’s formula is simple: tell the truth rather than constantly trying to pressure the public into believing your asinine lies and then the public won’t shame you, you’ll be able to dine out in peace, and you’ll even get thanked for your service to the nation.

It may be just a fantasy that anyone in the Trump Administration would heed Representative Lieu’s advice and cease their mendacious ways, but it’s a beautiful fantasy to imagine.


Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until the November midterms elections and the “Blue Wave” that will arrive if everyone who opposes the Trump agenda heads to the polls and votes before we can see that type of behavior become the norm again.

It’s in our hands. Don’t drop the ball.

Oh, and be sure to thank your Trump-opposing representatives whenever you see them and ask them to aspire to be as much of a leader of the resistance as Ted Lieu has been to date.

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