Michael Avenatti just popped a deadly hole in Trump’s “family separation fix”


Senator James Lankford (R-OK) made the rounds on the Sunday morning news programs this morning to defend President Trump’s immigration policies, appearing on NBC’s Meet the Press to make the claim that the Trump administration knows “where every single child” separated at the border from their family is.

Senator Lankford told Meet the Press host Chuck Todd that the assumption that the administration has “lost track” of the children is erroneous.

“These are career professionals that work with HHS, and that work with DHS in Customs and Border Patrol and ICE — these are not political appointees,” Lankford said. “These are career folks. They know where every child is, to be able to connect them to their parent or their relative that came.”

While the Republican supporters of the Trump administration usually refer to these “career professionals” as the “deep state” when they’re busy investigating the administration’s corruption and misdeeds, Lankford returned to utilizing the normal terminology for long-serving government employees when he suddenly wanted to emphasize their professionalism and reliability.

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Attorney Michael Avenatti, who has expanded his advocacy from merely representing adult film star Stormy Daniels in her efforts to be released from a non-disclosure agreement about her adulterous relationship with Trump to fighting for detained immigrants desperately trying to get their children back, saw Senator Lankford’s claims and immediately took to Twitter to counter the false assertions with documentary evidence to the contrary.

Avenatti quickly followed up his accusation with another tweet proving his point by including actual ICE documentation that spoke volumes with what information it did and did not contain.


We can expect Avenatti to join the battle against the Trump administration’s cruel and immoral immigration mandates with the same fervor and strategic intelligence that he has displayed in his representation of Stormy Daniels. His ability to fight the lies of Trump’s cronies through actual evidence has proven to be unmatched and is likely to remain that way at least until Special Counsel Robert Mueller begins to release the reams of closely-held materials that his team has amassed during their investigation to date.

The sad truth is that however often the Trump administration is caught in their lies to the American public, they have no compunction with ignoring the truth and turning around and offering another set of prevarications immediately afterward.

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