Trump just launched a vile, unprovoked attack on John McCain at Nevada rally (WATCH)


The traveling Trump circus, his combination campaign rally/ego booster/recruitment effort for people to call to riot once Mueller’s indictments are announced, landed in Nevada today.

Anyone expecting a frothing president denouncing Democrats and the Russia probe and praising both himself and foreign dictators got exactly what they came for at the event, reminiscent of a pre-World War II Bund rally.


He revisited his greatest hits from the campaign trail, performing what amounted to a live version of his Twitter propaganda strategy.

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The worst moment of the rally – an accomplishment in and of itself – was the gratuitous attack he made on ailing Senator John McCain, his primary nemesis in the Republican Party.

Trump blamed Senator McCain (without actually naming him) for undermining his efforts to repeal Obamacare and deprive more than 20 million people of the affordable health care that actually covers what needs covering without pre-existing conditions restrictions.

That the vast majority of American should be thankful for Senator McCain’s act of bravery in the face of the evil machinations of all but a couple of other members of his corporately-owned party was clearly ignored by the Trump lackeys in attendance.


Trump may try to distract both himself and the minority of the country that supports his reprehensible agenda with these rallies but rest assured that they are just brief respites from the approaching reckoning. Mr. Mueller? Aren’t you ready yet?

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