Trump just humiliated himself live on stage after bragging he can pronounce “Nevada” (WATCH)


The hypocritical and contradictory nature of our Blatherer-in-Chief was demonstrated yet again last night as he word-vomited on and on about how Democrats mispronounce the name of the state where he was giving a speech at the 2018 Nevada Republican Party convention. Fifteen minutes later, he mispronounced it exactly the same way he criticized Democrats for doing.

Apparently, locals prefer to call their state Neh-vad-a, rhyming with “bad.’

Trump mocked Democrats for pronouncing the name of the state as Neh-vah-da, rhyming with “ma” and “pa.”

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Luckily David Mack of BuzzFeed was paying enough close attention to the Fox News broadcast of Trump’s speech that he caught Trump in the superfluous and hypocritical mistake.

Now that you’ve been suitably entertained by this bit of trivial nonsense, let’s get back to making sure that the Republican party in Nevada, however you want to pronounce it, goes down to defeat in the November midterm elections.


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