Protestors just came head-to-head with a bus full of immigrants and pulled the best move (WATCH)


As the battles over immigration policy in Washington, D.C. stall over internal arguments between Republicans in control of Congress about just how draconian the new immigration measures should be, protestors on the ground in areas where asylum-seekers are now being held in detention are taking matters into their own hands by ramping up their demonstrations.

Despite the fact that President Trump was forced to backtrack on his policy of using the separation of children from their refugee parents to disincentivize immigrants from trying to come to the U.S., the fact remains that thousands of children have yet to be reunited with their families and that those families that haven’t been torn asunder are still being incarcerated for the misdemeanor of a first time illegal border crossing rather than being processed for asylum.

MSNBC caught up with a group of protestors demonstrating against the detainment of refugees outside an immigration facility in McAllen, Texas today who were in the streets blocking a bus filled with asylum-seeking families being transferred to another facility.

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The cable news outlet spoke to Manuel Muñoz, a protestor who had made the five-hour drive from Austin to express his disdain for the Trump administration’s immigration policies. Muñoz spoke to MSNBC about what was happening and why in the video clip below.

While the police will eventually clear the protestors out of the way and send the migrant families to their latest detention center, the continued demonstrations on behalf of the refugees show how deeply divided the country remains over the signature issue shoved down the throats of the American people by President Trump and reveals the perils of being governed by a president elected by a minority of the popular vote, and supported by a Republican Party too weak-willed to reign in his flagrant excesses.


Unfortunately, it’s unrealistic to expect much to change between now and the November midterms, and even then change will only come if turnout is high enough to bring the much anticipated “Blue Wave.” Make sure to do your part and participate n the political process, not just by voting but by working to advocate for the issues you believe in most strongly and advancing a progressive agenda.

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