Alec Baldwin just made a brilliant offer to Melania that she cannot pass up


The enigma that is Melania Trump has caught the attention of actor Alec Baldwin, the man who regularly lampoons her husband with a barely-exaggerated impersonation of the president’s pout and suppressed rage on Saturday Night Live.

While Melania has maintained a relatively low profile since her husband took office, at least in comparison to prior first ladies who were born in America and learned English as their native language, the sudden announcement of a previously unmentioned surgery for a kidney ailment — followed by an unusually long disappearance from the public eye that engendered copious speculation about her whereabouts — made her reappearance in the last couple of weeks all the more noticeable.

That her return to media attention was in conjunction with a highly unfortunate wardrobe choice during her trip to visit children separated from their parents due to the draconian immigration policies of her husband, only piqued Baldwin’s interest more.

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While the exact interpretation of the “I really don’t care. Do U?” slogan that the first lady had emblazoned on her jacket is up for debate, Baldwin has chosen to interpret it as an expression of disinterest in her own husband’s agenda. The message suggested to the actor that Melania Trump may be ripe for recruitment to defect to the resistance.

Thus Baldwin took to Twitter to make an audacious offer to the first lady with some major assumptions embedded in his entreaty.


Baldwin’s petition to Melania to leave the side of the dark and evil and move toward the light, and, more directly, to guest star on Saturday Night Live with Baldwin, presumably to play herself, is a bold if somewhat premature move.

SNL is on hiatus until the beginning of the new fall season on TV in late September or early October, so any joint appearance by Melania and Alec Baldwin on the series will have to wait at least until then.

Meanwhile, we can imagine David Bowie’s “Heroes” playing subtly in the background as Baldwin tries to seductively entice Melania into leaving her cloistered White House existence and emerging as a true hero of the resistance.

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While you’re at it Alec, make sure to get all the details that will inevitably be included in the tell-all, post-divorce book.

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