The LA Times just shredded Melania Trump with a brutal response to her border visit


As President Trump continues to wage war against people of color and specifically their children, one can’t help but wish that there was someone in his inner circle with the moral courage to stand up to him, someone to push back as he orders the mass kidnapping and imprisonment of children and babies, tearing them away from their families forever. Instead, those around him ignore his cruelty or even choose to actively defend it.

First Lady Melania Trump is one of the most egregious guilty parties. She refuses to denounce her husband’s heinous actions, implicitly supporting them through silence and inaction. A single public statement condemning him could accomplish what all his critics have so far failed to do. It would be a PR nightmare for the president and defining moment for the First Lady. But she lacks the spine.

Yesterday, she did her best impression of someone who actually cares about the suffering of children by visiting the border. The obviously insincere move was made exponentially worse by the fact that Melania wore a jacket that said: “I really don’t care do u?” The clothing choice was at best stunningly tone-deaf, at worse actively malicious. Backlash was immediate and widespread.

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Today, The LA Times published an incredibly blunt critique of the First Lady. Referencing the increasing trend among Republicans to paint not only those who show empathy for others but also the victims of tragedies themselves as “crisis actors” the piece is entitled “Crisis actor spotted at Texas child migrant detention center.” Clearly, the Times believes the First Lady is simply acting like she cares about the horrors happening along the border.

The piece refers to Melania’s trip as “obvious damage control” and takes aim at her thanking the staff working at the concentration camps even as stories of widespread sexual abuse start to emerge. It also recounts the story of a mother being sent a hospital bill after her son required medical attention due to a sexual assault. Melania’s scandalous outfit is also targeted.


The piece ends with a brief explanation of its title, referencing right-wing blowhard Ann Coulter’s recent claim that the crying children at the border are “faking” it.

“By the way, Melania Trump is — of course — no more an actual crisis actor on this issue than the child immigrant detainees Ann Coulter accused of being crisis actors because they were crying.”

Read the full piece here.

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Robert Haffey

Robert Haffey is a political writer, filmmaker, and winner of the ScreenCraft Writing Fellowship. He is a graduate of Drexel University.