Stormy Daniels just teamed up with Kathy Griffin to roast Melania’s appalling “Don’t Care” jacket [WATCH]


Two of the women in President Trump’s life met for the first time last night for an unprecedented photo op that sent their mutual message directly to the president in a way that he could never mistake for a valentine.

The first woman, Stephanie Clifford, better known by her screen name Stormy Daniels, is famous for, among her other attributes, having had an illicit and adulterous one night stand with Trump while Melania was recovering from her pregnancy.

The other, comedian Kathy Griffin, is best known for nearly destroying her own career after she was photographed holding a rubber replica of Trump’s severed head dripping in fake blood. The public outcry by snowflake conservatives led Griffin to apologize for the comedy bit gone askew until she realized that everything that Trump was doing in real life was far worse than her much shared and desired fantasy.

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The two women met backstage after Griffin’s show in Boston last night and posed for a photo together that was unmistakably aimed at the president.

Griffin posted the shot on Twitter with a ringing endorsement of what Ms. Daniels has been able to accomplish in her fight to regain the right to tell the story of her encounter with the cheating president.


Daniels later retweeted Griffin’s post with thanks to the comedian for a great show and time together afterward.

The mutual admiration society continued when Griffen followed up her initial tweet with another including a photo of the two women hugging in sisterly solidarity, along with a caption of extreme affection.

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Griffin and Daniels did more than just say hello and pose for pictures in their backstage soiree, however. They also dished some dirt on the president’s cuckquean wife, Melania, whom Griffin had excoriated on Twitter just days earlier for what the comedian saw as her insincere dismay at seeing families separated at the border.


Daniels and Griffin got to express their incredulity at Melania’s wardrobe choice — a jacket with the slogan “I really don’t care, do u?” written on the back — for her visit to a Texas shelter holding a group of seized children separated from their parents.

Griffin posted a video of that catty chat to Twitter as well, with the comedian continuing to mock Trump’s misspelling of his own wife’s name.

What a pleasure it is to see these two strong women meeting up in a historic encounter, united by their mutual opposition to President Trump and able to signal their sincere emotions over his policies, his character, and his motivations all in one perfect photo.

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