Trump just gave unhinged excuse for Melania’s “I don’t care” jacket for caged kids visit


If a jacket bearing the phrase “I REALLY DON’T CARE, DO U?” worn while en route to child concentration camps that your husband supported is not enough controversy for one day, there’s one solid way to make the situation worse: get that loud-mouthed husband involved.

On Thursday morning, Melania ventured to the Mexican-American border to visit with the children that her husband’s administration locked in cages. The visit seemed genuine, from her remarks to the guards in charge of the centers to photos of her interacting with children.

But it was her choice of garment prior to embarkation that drew the nation’s attention for its unmistakable message, with the aforementioned message plastered on the back.

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Earlier in the day, CNN’s Jim Acosta reported that Melania’s spokesperson confirmed the jacket said what photographers captured, and brought up the hurricane heel fiasco hoping the media wouldn’t “choose to focus on her wardrobe”:

The excuse is weak, but it’s the best we can expect of the current administration given the barrage of PR fires burning at any given moment.


Considering the insincerity, the internet dismissed the rationale and continued to mock the First Lady which prompted her husband to gallantly weigh in:

Trump starts by accurately quoting the message on the jacket, a first for the tiny-handed president. It was then that Trump revealed that the real reason his wife chose that ensemble was to flip off the “Fake News Media.”

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“Melania has learned how dishonest they are, and she truly no longer cares!” he finishes.

That might be believable had Melania not been flanked by photographers, documenting the very photo-friendly moment at every turn.

On a positive note, this is the first time that Trump has publicly defended his wife since taking office. Technically, he’s defending her choice of clothing and the tweet was only meant as another deflection from his atrocious policy, but it’s still the best she’s gotten in a while.


Maybe chivalry isn’t dead, after all.

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