July 7, 2022

Stormy Daniels just upstaged Melania with epic caged immigrant kids announcement

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It would appear knocking Donald Trump from his undeserved position as President of the United States is not the only humanitarian work the country should expect from Stephanie “Stormy Daniels” Clifford.


According to Clifford’s professional Twitter account, the porn star will again revel in a shared misery of cleaning up after Donald Trump – she’s going to the border to help the migrant children her former lover locked in cages.

“I am headed down in a week,” Daniels tweeted on Thursday in response to a question posed by another user on whether she would use her platform to help the kids jailed by Trump’s “zero-tolerance” immigration policy.

Ironically, First Lady Melania Trump – who Donald cheated on with Stormy shortly after she gave birth to their son Barron – just returned from the border this morning, where she caused a media controversy by wearing a Zara jacket that said “I Don’t Care, Do U?” on it and for dismissing the kids with a “good luck” by way of parting remarks.

“Don’t worry. Just figuring out my best course of action to maximize my resources,” said Daniels, whose trip could not possibly go worse than Melania’s did.

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Clifford’s attorney, the suave Michael Avenatti, has been at the border the past few days, offering his legal services to those separated from their children.

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On the same day as his prominent client, he kicked it up a notch and announced on his own Twitter that he would also be representing whistleblowers within Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

“We are now representing whistleblowers within ICE, outside contractors, etc. They have reached out to us to provide us with info as to what is really going on,” Avenatti tweeted before issuing a troublesome threat for Trump:

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We are going to blow this wide open and take the into to the American people so they can decide what happens next.”

Unlike Trump and his team of hapless minions, every time Avenatti has made a threat to expose some part of the underbelly of the Trump administration, he has made good on his word.

This time Avenatti is certain to come forward with horror stories of child neglect and emotional torment.

For the sake of the children, it would really be nice to be wrong about Trump for once.

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Salvatore Nicholas

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