Dictionary.com just weighed in on Melania’s “I don’t care” jacket with epic swipe


Melania Trump’s fashion faux-pas has really rattled an internet exhausted by several days of explaining to grandpa why it is not acceptable to cage children even in the name of “national security.”

On Thursday morning, Melania ventured to the Mexican-American border to visit with the children that her husband’s administration locked in cages. The visit seemed genuine, from her remarks to the guards in charge of the centers to photos of her interacting with children.

But it was her choice of garment prior to embarkation that drew the nation’s attention for its unmistakable message:

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The strange juxtaposition of the message on her jacket to the caged children she had supposedly set out to console confused some and outraged others so much that even the dictionary got in on the criticism.

@Dictionarycom, the Twitter handle for the website Dictionary.com, offers its followers daily vocabulary lessons in the form of tweets. It’s not uncommon for the site to crack jokes, but one of their words selected for Thursday had a special message for Mrs. Trump.

The word “indifference,” or “lack of interest or care” was attached to an article about the jacket Melania donned en route to Texas. Dictionary.com even used the word in a sentence, in case the native Slovenian needed some context:


“The words on Melania trump’s jacket indicate indifference.”

If a routine kidney procedure knocked Melania out for a month, imagine how long she’ll be missing after Dictionary’s epic burn.

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