Corey Lewandowski just got what he deserves for mocking 10-year-old immigrant with Down syndrome


Sometimes, what goes around really does come around, and it does so before our very eyes in real time.

Corey Lewandowski is President Trump’s fiery former campaign manager.  After leaving the campaign in embarrassment, he’s turned yelling and screaming his love of all things MAGA into a lucrative media career, with a book deal, frequent appearances on Fox News and other media outlets, and regular paid speaking engagements where he extols the president and his agenda.

Yesterday, however, Lewandowski took his defense of Trump’s unpopular family separation policy at the border too far, even for Republicans.  In an appearance on Fox News, he made a distinctive “womp womp” sound when another guest was recounting the story of a 10-year-old girl with down syndrome who had been taken from her parents at the border.  His utterly shameful antic was called-out on the spot and the segment soon went viral on social media and on cable news.

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Today, not 24 hours later, karma paid a visit to Lewandoswki, and not in a good way.  The combative Trump loyalist learned that the speakers bureau that books his speaking appearances had dropped him.

“Leading Authorities, Inc., one of Washington DC’s top speakers bureaus, severed ties with Lewandowski on Wednesday,” CNN reported, citing sources familiar with the matter.  “His name no longer appears on the bureau’s website,” the report added.

More from CNN:


Speakers bureaus like LAI handle speaking gigs for notable political and media personalities, which can be a lucrative business. Speakers can net five- or even six-figure checks for one engagement. Matthew Jones, the bureau’s chief operating officer, did not respond to phone calls requesting comment. Lewandowski also did not respond to several phone calls.

This is just the first shoe to drop for Lewandowski after this latest in a string of contemptible incidents.  Hopefully others follow suit and think twice about enabling his special brand of MAGA propaganda tactics and sideline him for the duration of this presidency, however long it lasts.

You can learn more about Leading Authorities and what they stand for by clicking here.

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Peter Mellado

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