Chrissy Teigen just humiliated Trump over throwing candy at Germany’s Angela Merkel


On Wednesday, the world finally learned the origin of the now-iconic photo of a cross-armed Trump receiving the most aggravated evil eye from German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

At first release, rumors speculated as to the background of the photo. Right-wing media tried to blame the image on timing, until CBS News senior global affairs contributor Ian Bremmer stepped in to tell the world the story behind it.

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According to Bremmer, the photo depicts Merkel and other G7 nation leaders trying to convince Trump to sign the joint communique that the G7 nations typically issue after each summit, a document that Trump reluctantly agreed to sign before he reversed that decision in an angry tweet after hearing that Canada would respond in kind to the tariffs Trump had unilaterally imposed on Canadian goods.

In the course of this confrontation, Bremmer reports that after his begrudging agreement to sign the document, Trump reached into the pocket of his suit, pulled out a couple of Starburst candies, and threw them across the table at Merkel, saying, “Here Angela, don’t say I never give you anything.”

Having recently given birth to her second child, internet superstar Chrissy Teigen has been a bit slower on the uptick when it comes to certain news stories, so she missed the revelation of Trump’s childish action would have landed her own kids in “time out.”


Once she did catch on, she logged back into Twitter with the perfect burn:

“if it was orange, oh it’s fucking on,” tweeted John Legend’s better half, poking fun at the president’s inexplicably orange skin tone.

The saddest part about this story is that it’s not surprising – neither that the President of the United States threw candy at the leader of a (former) U.S. ally, nor that the 72-year-old man attended a multi-national summit with his pockets stuffed with those very sweets.

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