Rep. Joe Kennedy just gave Trump blunt advice over child separation scandal that he can’t ignore


President Trump has signed an executive order ostensibly to stop the cruel practice of separating the families of undocumented immigrants and locking children in concentration camps.

He’s crudely trying to claim it as a victory, this despite the fact that he was the one who instituted the mass child abuse policy in the first place. It’s an example of cynical, exploitative politics at it’s worst and one Trump employs often: create a problem and then pretend to solve it.

In reality, the executive order does nothing to reunite the thousands of children who have already been ripped from their parents, kidnapped, and thrown in cages. Some have even had their parents deported while they remain locked in camps so the chance of them ever being reunited is close to zero. One father killed himself when his family was taken. The damage is already done, and it’s irreparable.

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The entire sordid affair is a sprawling system of state-sponsored human rights violations whose full scope we won’t be able to fully appreciate for years to come.

Representative Joe Kennedy III (D-MA), seen by many as a rising star within the Democratic Party, has taken to Twitter to slam Trump and his fellow Republicans in the wake of the recent immigration war.

The GOP claims that its pushing for “comprehensive immigration” reform, which presumably means some regressive hodgepodge of wasted money on a border wall and less legal immigration. It will doubtlessly focus on pandering to xenophobes and completely ignore the humane treatment of migrants.


Kennedy pointed out that all of the Republicans discussing this issue are white men and suggested it would make sense for the GOP to at least consult with a nonwhite person and get their input on immigration reform. It’s simple but urgent advice. The men gathered around Trump have no firsthand experience with the reality of immigration, and rely simply on racist myths and economic pseudoscience to shape their views.

Kennedy added that failure to do so could lead to entire families being detained indefinitely, something that will only be possible if Republicans continue to push a veiled white nationalist agenda and dehumanize people of color.

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Robert Haffey

Robert Haffey is a political writer, filmmaker, and winner of the ScreenCraft Writing Fellowship. He is a graduate of Drexel University.