Ivanka just thanked her dad for ending his own policy. Ana Navarro’s response is breaking the internet


Ivanka Trump thanked her daddy this afternoon for reversing his policy of tearing innocent children away from their parents at the border — but rather than simply telling him, she sent her thanks as a tweet in an act of virtue signaling that left a bitter taste in the mouths of many who know that the president was the source of the despicable policy in the first place, despite his many attempts to pin the blame on the Democrats.

CNN contributor and Republican strategist Ana Navarro saw Ivanka’s tweet and replied with a scathing indictment of the first daughter’s audacity in brown-nosing her own father for trying to cover his tracks.

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While Navarro avoided using the “C” word that got Samantha Bee into so much trouble from people who feel that vulgar language is a worse offense than destroying our democracy, her full-throated support of the description of Ivanka Trump as “feckless” —  defined as “lacking initiative or strength of character; irresponsible” — is difficult to argue with, particularly after Ivanka’s reference to “shared values” that no one in the Trump administration seems to actually share with the majority of America.

Navarro, as a never-Trump, old-school Republican, accurately places the responsibility for the human rights abuses that have taken place at the border directly where it belongs: in the tiny hands of the president with an enormous ego and an infinitesimal justification for the self-regard.


Daddy Trump’s last-minute reversal of his own policy after it became apparent that the pictures and audio of crying children locked in chain-link holding cages was severely damaging the public image — and the electoral chances — of both himself and the entire Republican party, is hardly worthy of a “thank you,” especially since it was done without an ounce of contrition or acceptance of responsibility from the president.

Navarro was right to call out Ivanka Trump on her insincerity and political opportunism. The first daughter deserves every epithet thrown her way.

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