Chelsea Clinton just issued a powerful statement on child separation policy Trump can’t ignore


The debate over the livelihood of the children separated from their parents at the border has already reached the point of exhaustion: not because the topic has become tiresome itself, but that the response from the right is so callously indifferent to human suffering that they will not listen to simple reason.

Case in point: Trump’s Wednesday morning executive order, which ended the policy he established to separate and jail children, from 17-years-old down to infancy, in large encampments inside converted big box stores was nothing more than a photo-op for Trump to claim that he solved the problem – even though he created it in the first place.

The biggest issue comes down to those who are already affected by the policy; more specifically, how to reunite those separated and currently jailed. Any minor presently in the system has very little chance to be reunited with their parents, as no plan was put into place to ensure such a reunion prior to the enactment of this policy.

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Former First Daughter and mother Chelsea Clinton is one of those intelligent enough to see beyond the facade of Trump’s power play, and made a very simple demand of the U.S. government – bring the families together.

“Every child must be reunited with their families. Every effort should be made by every part of our government to do so.”

The simplicity of Clinton’s request exists in stark contrast to the reality of the task, which might be insurmountable at this point thanks to Trump’s prior, abhorrent policy. But she does serve to underscore the most important part of this – he ripped kids away from their parents to satiate a racist base. 


Trump has quite literally pushed the national dialogue to the point where even obvious statements such as Clinton’s seem a necessary counter to the hatred from the right.

He also expects the Resistance to tire out as we try to keep up with his linguistic gymnastics – but empathy is more powerful than greed.

Stay vigilant – these families deserve to be reunited.

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