Trump just gave the real reason he’s locking up kids in vile morning tweet


Trump is waging a war against people of color along our southern border. He’s targeting vulnerable, undocumented immigrants en masse and cruelly separating children from their parents in order to inflict terror on migrants and deter people from seeking a better life in the United States. It’s a state-sanctioned operation of systematic kidnapping and child abuse that will haunt this nation’s history forever.

This degree of sadism would not be possible if Trump hadn’t laid the groundwork long in advance. He started his presidential campaign by demonizing immigrants, specifically Mexicans. He referred to them as rapists and criminals, dehumanizing them in the process and establishing firmly in the minds of his supporters that these people ultimately deserved whatever he chose to do to them. In order for him to carry out this new policy, he had to convince his followers to view Central and South American immigrants as less than human.

Now, he’s doubling down on the strategy. This morning, he took to Twitter and started by once again repeating the lie that Democrats are the cause of the family separation atrocities when in reality he himself could stop the policy unilaterally. He tried to paint the Democrats as coddling criminals. Unfortunately, the false claims about Democrats were the least problematic part of the tweet.

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Trump went on to say that immigrants continue to “pour” into and “infest the country.” The choice of the word infest is no accident and is a deliberate part of his efforts to dehumanize these people.

He wants Americans to view undocumented immigrants as rodents or insects because he thinks then we will look the other way as he steals their children and throws them in cages. It’s deeply fascist and he must be held accountable for this rhetoric. Children are being traumatized for life right now, and Trump is doing everything he can to justify it. It has to stop.


Twitter user Mikel Jollett penned a helpful thread breaking down Trump’s use of the word “infest” and Trump’s ultimate goals.

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Robert Haffey

Robert Haffey is a political writer, filmmaker, and winner of the ScreenCraft Writing Fellowship. He is a graduate of Drexel University.