Mexico’s ex-president Vicente Fox just humiliated Trump with a brutal question on Twitter

The U.S.’s abandonment of its membership on the UN Human Rights Council was caged as a response to supposed anti-Israel bias by the group, but most observers see the suspicious synchronicity of the departure from the human rights group as a resignation before being fired in light of the atrocities our country is currently perpetuating on our southern border by tearing immigrant families apart.

The sudden departure from the UN council did not escape the notice of one of President Trump’s most persistent critics, the former Mexican President Vicente Fox Quesada, who jumped on Twitter to attack the cowardly move and pose a question that all Americans should look deeply into their hearts to answer.

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It’s no surprise that the former Mexican president rates Donald Trump at the highest end of the blatant scum scale given their past battles over Trump’s ludicrous claim that our southern neighbor will pay for the futile wall that he wants to build along the border.

Judging from the responses to his tweet, he’s not the only one who would describe President Trump using such appropriately derogatory terms.

That there are hundreds of replies just like this should give former President Fox some hope that not all his northern neighbors fall on the Trump side of the blatant scum scale.

Unfortunately, until we rid the U.S. government of Trump and his Republican enablers, the needle will be pressed to the scummiest side of the scale.

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