March 24, 2023

A detained child just admitted the most chilling, inhumane thing that happened to him while caged up [WATCH]

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America woke up this weekend realizing how quickly our formerly democratic nation was transforming into a facsimile of Nazi Germany with immigrant children separated from their refugee parents and placed in internment camps.

It can’t happen here, we say to ourselves. This is America. We’re the good guys.

The transformation, however, is happening right in front of our eyes, accompanied by a president who incessantly trumpets out a message that we should believe what he tweets instead of our lying eyes.

If you think that the comparisons to a fascist dictatorship are overblown, let your lying eyes feast on the video below from CBS News.

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CBS This Morning host Gayle King spoke to some of the children being detained apart from their parents due to President Trump’s heartless “zero tolerance” policy and their accounts of their experiences demonstrate a reality that has shocked those Americans who still believe that we’re the shining emblem of freedom and democracy.

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“Were you treated very well, were you afraid there?” King asked  15-year-old  Renaldo.

“I was very scared,” Renaldo replied, through a translator. “At midnight they wake you up to count everyone in the cells.”

The most disturbing thing that King found was the lack of adequate nutrition being offered the imprisoned children.

“Renaldo also told us that he did not get enough to eat,” King explained. “He said he was fed apples and water — and neither did other people.”

It’s doubtful that there’s even a vegan nutritionist who would classify that paltry meal as adequate for a growing child, much less several thousand of them.

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You can watch the video of Gayle King’s interview with refugee children on CBS This Morning in the clip below. While you watch think about what you can do to let your elected representatives know that you refuse to see your country devolve from the land of freedom into a barbaric, immoral police state.

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