Hillary Clinton just humiliated Trump at his own game with must-see speech (WATCH)


The woman who took home three million more votes than the man occupying the Oval Office has finally spoken up about the Trump administration’s Hitleresque treatment of migrant children.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton took to a podium in NYC to blast Trump, particularly over his repeated lie that the act of separating children from their parents at the border is mandated by a law created by Democrats:

“This is not happening because of the “Democrat’s law” as the White House has claimed. Separating families is not mandated by law at all: that is an outright lie. And it’s incumbent upon us, journalists and citizens alike, to call it just that.”

Mrs. Clinton makes an important point in the final line of that paragraph – the media has become far too comfortable allowing Trump and his White House to redefine what it means to tell the truth.

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From Kellyanne Conway’s early rebranding of lies as “alternative facts” to the media’s continued desire to appear impartial while Trump completely rewrites the American code of law as it fits around his golf games, lobbing softball phrases like “distortion of facts” can no longer be the acceptable verbiage.

Trump is lying, and there is no other word to describe what he’s doing to the American populace in order to push his fascist agenda forward. He is a liar and needs to be called as such.

The former Secretary of State felt another battle was worth waging at this time – against the Evangelical Christians, a primary chunk of Trump’s base and cabinet like his AG Jeff Sessions, who hide behind cherry-picked quotes from scripture to defend this heinous act.


“Nor are these policies rooted in religion,” she begins. “In fact, those who selectively use the bible to justify this cruelty are ignoring a central tenet of Christianity.”

Clinton goes on to describe her time spent in Sunday school both as a pupil and educator, noting that based on what she learned in all those years studying both the New and Old Testaments, “what is being done using the name of religion is contrary to everything I was ever taught,” before quoting one verse in particular which roused uproarious applause from the audience:  

Jesus said, “Suffer the little children unto me (Matthew 19:14),” he did not say “let the children suffer.””

While it is always worthwhile to take a moment to remind the American people that theirs is a secular nation and not a Christian one, this particular callout to the hypocrisy of the “loving” Christians on the right is a powerful choice.

Though it is fairly easy to skim through scripture and find a verse or two which suits just about any cause – conservative or liberal – one would be hard-pressed to skim the New Testament and find Jesus doing or saying anything but breaking oppressive laws, healing the sick, and caring for the world’s most vulnerable.

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The test of any nation is how we treat the most vulnerable among us.

Hillary Clinton finishes her takedown by pointing out that what Trump is doing does not strengthen the nation, it weakens us. That the United States can’t find the resources as one of the most powerful nations in the world to humanely handle the immigration process is maddening.

She finishes by quoting the First Lady who succeeded her, Laura Bush, who wrote “this zero-tolerance policy is cruel. It is immoral. And it breaks my heart.”

Both First Ladies are right. These concentration camps must come to an end. Hopefully, the visibility high-profile public servants like Bush and Clinton will help bring about an end to this unjust practice – without giving Trump his border wall as collateral.


Check out Clinton’s statements in the videos provided by NBC below:

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