Bill O’Reilly just turned on Trump in stunning fashion with unexpected tweet


When you get booted from your position as the highest rated host on Fox News as part of a series of sexual harassment scandals in the #MeToo era, it’s difficult to leave all of the public attention behind.

However, Bill O’Reilly figured out a way to make it back to the front of everyone’s consciousness today by doing the one thing that no one ever expected of him: criticizing one of President Donald Trump’s signature policies.

O’Reilly went on Twitter to forward a link to an article on The Hill that discussed former First Lady Laura Bush’s vehement condemnation of the Trump administration’s policy of separating innocent refugee children from their parents at the border as they seek asylum in the U.S. and then locking them in interment camps redolent of Nazi Germany.

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The former Fox News honcho pointed out the obvious to the president, who is apparently too dense to realize how far over the line his cruel and heartless policy has crossed with the American public.


Not only does O’Reilly criticize Trump’s policy, he actively predicts that Trump will fail, which means that not only will he likely get crossed off the White House Christmas gift list, but that he may also be subject to a withering tweet from the Donald, filled with lies, insults, and threats, in between all the claims of “Witch Hunt!” and “No Collusion!”, of course.

Perhaps O’Reilly’s semi-retirement has left him time to reflect on his past and summon up a long-dead sense of morality after years of spreading mendacious right-wing propaganda disguised as “news.” Most likely, he’s acting as the retired coach who sees his team about to execute a play that will get them thrown out of the game and is trying to get the quarterback to switch strategies before it’s too late.

Sorry, Mr. O’Reilly, but it is too late.

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